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Our Purpose

– To honor God in all we do

– To serve others humbly and respectfully

– To pursue excellence in everything we do

– To grow profitability

Our Values

– Humility

– Respect

– Excellence

– Service

At Norsan, we care deeply about our people, our clients, and our environment. We have developed a special company Mission with four principal Values.

We also created an internal group for each of our divisions in order to help our co-workers whenever they are in need, The Caring Team.

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Caring Team

At Norsan, we want to make our co-workers feel the same way our customers do, well treated, and respected.

We acknowledge that our co-workers are the most important component, that’s why we created the Caring Team, a program designated to support and assist our co-workers, their families, and our community in times of need; through physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance.